Garden rhyme 4


including P&P to UK addresses.

A sturdy natural canvas bag with a hand painted and dry-waxed base, black and white ticking lining. Complete with eyelet and shackle, jute handles.

Measures 30 x 28 x 12cm (width x height x depth)


This range of bags feature jolly rhymes that are about the environment around us.
The text on this bag reads as follows:

A gardener has a duty to sow as many seeds as they can grow, to tend the seedlings with a happy refrain, grow the flowers despite the rain,

waiting for the sun to appear, to spread the love and spread the cheer (iness).

Your garden will be filled with joy, a haven for bees, for they will employ their busy buzziness to great effect, with plenty of pollen for a bee to collect.

The moral of this simple rhyme -is sow your (flower) seeds and save the bees.

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